Atty. Gonca Uyguç


Atty. Gonca Uyguç
Legal-Compliance and Internal Audit Director of Roche İlaç Türkiye
Gonca Uyguç, a graduate of the İstanbul University Faculty of Law, has gone into profession at Ersoy & Bilgehan Law Office as a lawyer.
Following a three-year experience in providing consultancy services to many domestic and foreign companies, she joined the Law Department of Siemens Turkey Holding and provided legal services to the branches in different sectors such as energy, transportation and health services for five years.
In 2008, he joined the Novo Nordisk company as Middle East Law and Compliance Manager responsible for 8 countries including Turkey, Israel and Iran, and started legal and compliance studies in pharmaceutical sector.
During six-year tenure at Novo Nordisk, she worked abroad in positions responsible for different regions and countries, such as Compliance Manager responsible for 150 countries in Zurich-based regional office and South East Asian Legal and Compliance Director in Malaysia-Kuala Lumpur.
Gonca Uyguç, who joined Roche İlaç Türkiye as the Legal and Compliance Director in 2014, has also undertaken the responsibilities of the Internal Audit and Environmental Health and Safety departments since 2016.
He is an expert in regulations of especially pharmaceutical sector and also other sectors for which she worked before. In addition, she has experience on restructuring of compliance policies and implementation of compliance programs, as well as anti-bribery, competition law, corporate law, business law, white collar crimes, internal investigations and internal auditing within this scope.
Gonca Uyguç is also a graduate of the Compliance Management certificate program which was jointly organized by Science Po Paris University and Seton Hall University.