Dr. Mehmet Ali Demirkaya


Mehmet Ali Demirkaya

Partner of Aren Auditing Services

Mehmet Ali Demirkaya started his audit career in 1999 and found the opportunity to work in the world’s largest audit companies. Mehmet became a partner in Aren in 2013 and started to serve in audit and consultancy.

Since 1999, he has been offering audit and consultancy services to the companies operating in the production and service sectors as well as the institutions operating under the regulations of SPK, BRSA, EPDK and Undersecretariat of Treasury.

He is an expert on Turkish Commercial Code, SPK, BDDK, Finance and Corporate Governance legistation.

In addition, he has trained about 16,000 people in Turkish Commercial Code, Corporate Governance, Corporate Risk Management, Corporate Restructuring, Financial Statement Analysis, International Financial Reporting Standards (“IFRS – TFRS/TMS), Fraud Audit, Internal Audit, Budget and Financing for Non-Financiers.

He is a member of Corporate Governance Association of Turkey (TKYD), Ethics and Reputation Society (TEİD) and “SPK Legistation Working Group” of TÜSİAD. He has SMMM licence, Undersecretariat of Treasury Insurance Audit Licence, Independent Audit Licences from SPK and KGK.

He is a member of Independent Audit Association (BDD) and Association of Turkish Accounting Experts (TMUD). Mehmet has made speeches and presentations on auditing and legislation issues at many international conferences, panels and trainings.

Mehmet graduated from Istanbul University, Faculty of Economics. He got master’s degree from Marmara University, Faculty of Business Administration, Department of Auditing.

He did doctorate in Accounting and Finance in the same university. He speaks English.