Kuvay Sanlı


Kuvay Sanlı


Born in Kars in 1971, Sanli is an economics graduate. He has been a manager in the private sector and has worked in the NGOs. In addition to works in the Corporate Governance Association of Turkey, he has been working in working groups and the Ethics Summit in the Ethics and Reputation Society since its foundation. He has been in OECD Anti-Corruption Central Asia Advisory Board.

He is one of the founders and now the acting president of the Turkish Chess Association. He was the vice president of the Turkish Chess Federation. On behalf of the Federation, he was the organizer of the 2008 Mediterranean and 2009 World Championships.

In addition to his articles, he has written a book titled “My Father Tought Me – Reflections From a Strategy and Tactics Game to Life” whose preface was written by the former world champion legendary Garry Kasparov. He is also an attendee of Noesis Philosophy Workshop.

He gives presentations and provides training in Dialectics, Ethics and Change.