Mustafa İlgün


Mustafa İlgün

Cofounder of İlgün Danışmanlık

Mustafa İlgün went into profession in 1990 with his mission given in the founding team at Coca-Cola. After he worked in Türk-Pirelli’s marketing department, he continued his career in Anadolu Efes.

During his mission, he worked in marketing and communication. At the head office, he was trade marketing and corporate communication executives responsible for a geographical area covering 6 countries.

Representing Anadolu Efes at the international Rio+20 climate summit in Rio de Janeiro, he shared the project ‘Sustainable Agriculture’ with international leaders. He has been in advisory boards of various organizations operating on sustainability and women’s labor.

During his career, İlgün has regarded innovation as a culture and tried to corroborate this culture. He has led many communication projects and sustainability studies. İlgün is continueing his career as a consultant and trainer on corporate communication and marketing communication.